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  1. @vbrfmeb yes i mean it when i asked my friend who is working in music field, told me that most of the best music composing softwares are hiding from public. Listen A friend of mine working with Axwell said this software is the bomb for big beats and crazy effects. get the best one here >>>

  2. well, i tried to mix rock.. and well, if u use DJ programe, and u can MIX, just do it. cuz its so funny, and well, thats good. i never think 2 rock music in a mix can be good. but its can be fcking niceO.o

  3. Do you mean stolen? because you weren't even close, and no, I did not steal this song, I bought these song. Your lack of grammatical understanding show that you don't know what you're talking about, but thank you for the comment!!

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