Learn How To DJ

learn how to djDo you want to learn how to DJ ? I love to teach people how to DJ ! Music is such a personal aspect of so many people’s lives and getting to know someone’s favorite songs when they just freeplay DJ for you is one of my favorite things to do. Seeing the excitement and the bright eyes of a brand new DJ beatmatching for the very first time. Attending one of your DJ students first public performance. I love all of those, which is why I like to spend my weekdays helping students of all ages and all abilities learn how to DJ.

I can help beginner DJs learn how to DJ. I can help novice DJs master their DJing skills. I can help experienced DJs learn new tricks.

BeginnersNovice DJsExperienced DJs

Are you a beginner wanting to learn how to DJ ?

Want to learn the fundamentals of DJing ? Think you can be the best DJ in Vancouver if only someone taught you the basics ? Well give us a call and we’ll teach you the fundamentals of DJing !

  • what is beatmatching
  • how to beatmatch
  • basics of using an equalizer
  • basics of song selecting
  • when to drop in a new song
  • making drum loops
  • setting up cue points
  • and much more. It all depends on how fast you learn 🙂

Are you a DJ but want to learn how to DJ better ?

Are you already a DJ but want to learn a new trick ? Are you an old school vinyl DJ and don’t know where to start with using a new digital DJ controller ? We can help.

  • mastering you DJ software
  • tricks only CDJs can perform
  • using and tweaking dj FX
  • finding music online
  • organizing your music library
  • finding DJ gigs
  • how a wedding DJ can become a club DJ
  • how a club DJ can become a wedding DJ
  • and much more

Are you an experienced dj who want to learn how to DJ like a pro ?

Have you been DJing for a few years and are still playing music you listened to in high school ? Are you an ipod DJ (just blend track 1 with 2 and vice versa) ? It’s called stale DJ syndrome and we can help.

  • learn about all the new genres of music that emerged with introduction of the mega genre EDM
  • learn which genres can be mixed and which ones require extra work
  • learn how to make transition tracks in Ableton Live
  • learn how to clean up your mixes in Ableton Live
  • learn how to remix you songs before playing them at a show
  • learn how to get DJ jobs overseas
  • learn how to find all different kinds of DJ gigs around town

We have experience with all types of hardware as well as with all the major DJ programs. We can help you master Serato DJ, Virtual DJ, Traktor or even Mixxx. We can arrange for you to come to our studio for a lesson or if you have a very busy schedule, we can arrange for one of our DJ instructors to come to your place and teach you one on one.

Contact us today and book an introductory lesson.

Learn how to DJ