DJ Lessons Offered by Vancouver DJ

Ever Wanted to take DJ lessons ?

I am  a Producer/Sound Engineer/Artist/Part Time DJ and student of life living in Vancouver offering year round DJ lessons for anyone interested in learning how to dj and about the art of mixing music.  I accept all skills levels and I’m very low priced. Come over to my studio and take your dj lessons on my dj gear, all using industry standard dj software. You will learn how to beatmatch,how to use the camelot wheel and stay in key, how to understand everything there is to know about a song before it can be mixed harmoniously with another song !

Use all the DJ Tools The Pros Use

Learn how to use ,Serato DJ,Virtual DJ, Scratch Live, Mixx, Traktor and Ableton. Learn how to dj from one genre to another. How to DJ in harmony using the Camelot wheel.


Learnt where all the easiest to find as well best quality mp3 files are found on the internet.

Learn the importance of mastering online marketing for your brand as one of the contributing factors to determining if an artist will be successful or not.

I am also available for outcalls, where he will come to your residence and teach you whatever you want to learn.

Learn one or more of the following:

DJ SkillsProducing SkillsMusical Skills
DJ Skills

  • beatmatching
  • mixing
  • scratching
  • remixing with turntables
  • DJ effects
  • DJ mixing techniques
  • DJ mixing styles
Producing Skills

  • creating a beat
  • sample packs
  • plug ins
  • Ableton Live
  • Logic
  • Cubase
  • Fruity Loops
  • mashups
  • remixes
  • edits
  • reworks
  • bootlegs


Musical Skills

  • play instruments
  • musical training
  • how to know when what instrument is needed in a song
  • how to set the mood of a song
  • how to choose the right bpm to guarantee maximum plays by djs


Free Music Mixing Tools and eBooks inside