Learn How To DJ

Learn How to DJ in Vancouver

learn to djI can help you learn how to dj in Vancouver or anywhere in the lower mainland. I offer dj lessons in New Westminster at my home and also offer dj lessons in Vancouver at my music studio.

Basic DJ Lessons start at $35 an hour and can be purchased in blocks (prices below).

Here are my dj lesson prices, locations covered and a list of dj skills I am experienced in teaching to students.

DJ Skills You WIll LearnDJ Lesson PricesWhat Areas Do We Service

DJ Skills You Will Learn

When you sign up for my dj lessons either at my home or in my music studio, you will master the following dj skills:

  • how to read the beats per minute of any song also know as the bpms
  • why are beats per minute important
  • how to find out the tempo of a song and how to change it
  • learn the importance of a song’s key
  • how to mix in key
  • how to read the crowd while djing
  • how to mashup two or more songs
  • how to do a smooth transition
  • how to set cues and hot cues
  • how to set loops and how to tweak them to sound perfect
  • how to make samples
  • how to remix on the fly
  • how to navigate any DJ software interface
  • you will become familiar with all 3 industry standard software interfaces : Virtual DJ, Serato and Traktor.
  • and much much more

DJ Lessons Are Very Reasonably Priced

Get budget DJ lessons by purchasing a large block, which makes the price as low as $20 an hour. My DJ lessons pricing is a follows:

  • $40 an hour for 1 on 1 DJ Lessons in New Westminster at my home
  • $60 to $80 an hour for 1 on 1 DJ Lessons at your home (depending on your location)
  • $90 an hour for 1 on 1 DJ Lessons at my music studio in Vancouver, located in the Kitsilano area

Blocks of time are available at a discount rate and look like (all prices are for 1 on 1 Disc Jockey lessons in New Westminster) :

  • 2 hours @ $37.50/hr = $75
  • 5 hours @ $35/hr = $175
  • 10 hours @ $30/hr = $300
  • 15 hours @ $25/hr = $375
  • 20 hours @ $20/hr = $400

Contact me now to discuss other options such as me coming to your house or any other arrangement you may feel more comfortable with. All the DJ lessons require essentially are a fairly powerful laptop loaded with at least one DJ software program and a DJ controller.

Where Do You Offer Your DJ Lessons

I live in New Westminster, British Columbia which is located past Vancouver, thru Burnaby and you will find New Westminster in between Burnaby and Surrey, BC. I am fairly close to the New Westminster skytrain station as well as the 22nd Street skytrain station or a short walk from the Columbia street skytrain station. Douglas college is about 5 mins away, so I am fairly easy to get to from anywhere in the lower mainland.

I don’t mind travelling, but I do charge extra for the amount of travelling involved, as well as the amount of DJ equipment I must bring with me and the frequency of the off site dj lessons. I currently have DJ students in Burnaby, Richmond, Port Coquitlam, Surrey and Abbotsford.

Make sure you take a look at my music production lessons too. I will teach you all the basics of using Ableton to produce EDM music, Hip Hop music, Dance music, Bass music or any other popular genre out there these days.

Call me today as I get very busy in the summer time.