Virtual DJ Software

Learn How To DJ Using Virtual DJ Software

learn to dj using virtual djVirtual DJ is a great program for aspiring djs to start with.

There is a free version on the Atomix website called Virtual DJ Free Home Edition.

If you are from British Columbia, click on “local” and if you are not, read on.

Not locallocalsAbout Virtual DJ
  1. Download Virtual DJ Free Home Edition from the Atomix website
  2. Install Virtual DJ onto your computer
  3. Configure your sound card(s) you wish to use for your DJing. Simply go to your sound cards manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver for that make and model of sound card.
  4. Download your favorite tracks that you were planning on mixing.
  5. Plug in your DJ controller of choice (I use the Pioneer DDJ-SR myself)
  6. Configure Virtual DJ to detect your controller (instructions in the controller’s user manual)
  7. Begin your lessons. You can have someone teach you the basics or you can learn how to dj by watching youtube tutorials or by getting an ebook or any other way you can figure out.

Happy mixing.

If you are reading this, it means you are a BC local and hopefully live in or near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Ever Wanted to take DJ lessons ?

I am  a Producer/Sound Engineer/Artist/Part Time DJ and student of life living in Vancouver offering year round DJ lessons for anyone interested in learning how to dj and about the art of mixing music.  I accept all skills levels and I’m very low priced. Come over to my studio and take your dj lessons on my dj gear, all using industry standard dj software. You will learn how to beatmatch,how to use the camelot wheel and stay in key, how to understand everything there is to know about a song before it can be mixed harmoniously with another song !

Use all the DJ Tools The Pros Use

Learn how to use ,Serato DJ,Virtual DJ, Scratch Live, Mixx, Traktor and Ableton. Learn how to dj from one genre to another. How to DJ in harmony using the Camelot wheel.

Learn where all the easiest to find as well as best quality mp3 files are found on the internet.

Learn the importance of mastering online marketing for your brand as this is one of the contributing factors to determining if an artist will be successful or not.

I am also available for outcalls, where I will come to your residence and teach you whatever you want to learn.

What is Virtual DJ ?

In a similar way that the Ccompact Disc players used by DJs have many more options as opposed to a regular Hi-Fi CD player, VirtualDJ has more options than a regular mp3 and other media player such as iTunes. It allows you to “mix” your tunes, by playing two or more tracks at the same time as each other, adjust their playback speed so that the song’s tempo will match, use effects like auto-loops etc, and crossfade from one track to the other track. It also allows you to scratch your music, set and playback from cues you can set, and almost all the other features DJs like to have to be able to mix their music for an audience.

Virtual DJ will allow you to organize your folders of tracks and group them in a DJ-like way, using filters to locate the top songs, or locate compatible bpm or key matching songs, access your previous playlists, and much much more. And if you don’t have a specific track, VirtualDJ will easily locate it online and stream it  to your computer. And, using the millions of automatic reports we get each and every day from our beloved VirtualDJ users around the planet, it will give you excellent advice on which tracks other DJs think will go well following what you recently played.

VirtualDJ can play audio tracks and also video or karaoke, if you tether your computer to a projector or the club’s screens.