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Mixing like a Radio Dj Transitioning

Mixing like a Radio Dj Transitioningis a vid to enable you start to learn to grasp the talents to develop into a DJ. With ebooks, comeplete tutorials, technical movies, articles and in addition 1 on 1 courses for individuals residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Mixing like a Radio Dj Transitioning

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DescripDj Cruze explains how transitioning can work for a Dj’s profit. Ensure that to observe Dj Cruze on Social Media:

Twitter: @Dj_Cruze
Instagram: @DjCruze
Snapchat: @Dj_Cruze

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Mixing like a Radio Dj Transitioning

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  1. Nice video but I feel thats teaching Djs bad habits. There was no actual transistion there. It was dead air while the new song break started in when scratching it in would have sounded better. Basically it just sounded like playing one song to the end, dead air then starting the next song. Theres a way to mix those two songs flawlessly and make it sound amazing.. Next time try this. Right before the hook, start bringing your tempo down so that right before th hook starts, that 128 is now 98bpms.. On the 'ONE" when the hook starts, drop deck B and theyll match perfectly. its a trick I use faithfully instead of transistion tracks. Hope this helps. if not, maybe ill make a video with that and other life saving tricks 🙂

  2. Some good points…but not EVERY song has a break….you said every song has a break…Totally wrong!!! And what you have looped on the 128 BPM is a Intro not a break..A break usually comes after a hook..and most hip hop songs have no break..its hook verse hook verse….So Final Point is …That's not a Break that's a Intro!!! And only Dj edits have intros

  3. Thanks for saying that. I always thaught the same. Why are people so into scratching at a regular party or club event. You don't get a reaction off scratching. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Do u have any samples you can send me? Is it possible to send all to me or whatever u have! I would like lasers, horns, whooshes, explosions bombs etc! Thanks

  5. Q tal buenos los videos!! Hay muchos djs q ablan mucho de scratch. Para transiciones entre jeneros o canciones y comentan q suena mas profecional hacerlo q blend los dos temas!!

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