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Mixing suggestions (for combine associated questions)

Mixing suggestions (for combine associated questions)is a streaming video to aid you as you start to learn to be a disc jockey. With lessons, tutorials, on-line movies, articles and likewise 1 on 1 lessons for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Mixing suggestions (for combine associated questions)

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Mixing suggestions (for combine associated questions).

I obtained a few combine associated questions and determined to make use of at present’s Q&A video to offer you some suggestions based mostly on the combo questions.

The primary query was about my ‘Do not combine all the things’ video. Once I say “do not combine all the things”, does it imply that I play the songs (that I do not combine) from starting to finish after which begin the subsequent music? No.

Should you would simply play the songs until the top after which begin the subsequent music you’ll take all of the momentum out of your set and that’s by no means a very good factor.

Tip: I nonetheless make my transitions on the proper second, however in stead of blending the 2 songs I merely swap to the subsequent music (on the one depend) had been my combine would usually finish.

So if monitor one has an eight bar hook and I might usually combine monitor two into that hook, I now merely go to trace two proper after the top of the b bar hook (on the one depend). There are many methods to do that and I’ll undergo these strategies in one of many upcoming episodes of my Combine Tutorial collection.

To be taught extra about timing:
To learn to depend music and perceive what beats, bars and phrases are:

The second query might be very relatable for brand new DJ’s who’re studying beat match by ear. To start with it could possibly take you a very long time to match the tempo of the 2 songs. That is regular so don’t be concerned. The treatment is easy: apply!! You’re going to get higher at it and it is possible for you to to do it quicker and quicker.

Tip 1: deal with listening to if monitor two is taking part in slower or quicker. The earlier you be taught to acknowledge this, the quicker it is possible for you to to match the tempo. With Hip Hop and R&B it could possibly assist to deal with the snare drums. If you’re utilizing a digital system you can even learn the bpm information 😉

Tip 2: As quickly as you load monitor two (or put the vinyl on the turntable, and so forth) begin to match the beats. Do not begin doing this on the level the place your precise combine ought to start. That is too late!

The third query was about scratching with Digital DJ with out utilizing . So solely the pc. This may be performed, but it surely’s not my factor so I can’t be doing a tutorial video. You probably will need to have a quick hand to regulate the mouse and you’ll have to set a number of essential keyboard shortcuts.

Tip: kind “Digital DJ Scratch Keyboard Mouse” and you will see that quite a lot of video’s together with some tutorials.

Benefit from the video and share the information!

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Mixing suggestions (for combine associated questions)

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  1. kinda relates to this video but say if a song is 120 bpm and im doing the 1234 count do i count faster because the song is 12p bpm or just count at a normal pace

  2. How do i find out the best BPM partners or Blending? For example: 128 – 96 or 140 – 70 . When you mix those BPM together, They sound good!Thanks! in advance

  3. good program dude! nice videos good work!
    good of you helping new dj´s new generation for free.
    ´´my generosity is my character´´ old proverb …
    good luck with your programs!

  4. so i just mix when both songs have the same bpm, right ?! but when my 1.song has 80bpm and my 2. song has 104bpm how i have to make my transition or can i throw my song 2 at the 1 (2.3.4..) in

  5. +djTLMtv …i am new to mixing and i want to be good at it.but when a song starts and it doesnt start with the beat first.do you start counting  1 2 3 4 etc when the beat starts or do you count the moment the artist start singing and there is no beat yet..let me know when you start counting your 1 2 3 4 etc, can you count from anywhere in the song. thats what i am having trouble with..help plz

  6. Peace Dj TLM..This video is very helpful. I'm over 40 and I've only been Dj-ing for a little under a year now and I'm still  practicing on transitioning smoothly. I subscribed to your channel. I'll continue to watch your videos and learn. Peace Dj Mark L@Rock

  7. Bro I got the NS7 II & serato is cool but I don't have unlimited search of music. So I was thinking about VDJ 7 because of the audio subscription… Is there a certain setup to make ns7 2 work with vdj7? I haven't seen a video or anything about that connection yet only ns7 1 to vdj

  8. DJTLM thanks for these tutorials keep them coming! Do you have any tips on mixing in key and harmonic mixing in general? 

  9. I really hope you make that mixing tutorial for effects real soon. I'm looking forward to it! I love your channel btw.

  10. lots of times when im at a club and a dj plays a remix or only plays part of the song, most of the time, my friends and i are just like wtf… esp when we just get into the song

  11. Hey mate, I don't know if you have already hit that topic, but would you like to make a video about a track sound quality when mixing in a digital way ? I would love to have all my tracks just in flac (or lossless anyway) but I somehow stick to mp3 320 kbps standard … I wonder what quality you prefer and what is your take on this subject.
    Thank you, cheers from Czech republic.

    I love what you have been doing on this channel – thanks.

  12. What camera do you use to record these videos, & do you have a mic hooked up to, or is it just the camera capturing the audio? Thanks.

  13. So if I'm understanding correctly your kinda saying if you wait till your deck gets to that 30 sec mark of when the track is about to end ( ie. Serato Dj ) that is basically to late in the track to bring in / mix in your second track? You should be mixing in the next track earlier?

  14. You mention the hook of a song and stuff like that, im not actually sure what you mean by that, im a beginner dj and always looking to learn, so do you have a video you have already done explaining what it all means or any chance you could do one?

  15. When I am at a party and I only hear 2 verses of my favorites song it pisses me off.  Why tease your audience with only two verses? It pisses me off personally.

  16. A small tip to DJ's that have trouble beatmatching a, lets say 130 BPM track into a 128 BPM track. Bring the 128BPM track that is currently playing slowly to 130, then you can practise by ear to match the beats, knowing the pitchfader has to end up in the center. It helped me when I was learning to beatmatch 😀

  17. the only thing I like that VDJ does that serato doesn't is you can have 6 decks. as a performance DJ (a DJ who instead of providing music for an hour) creates and plays live mashups. the only example I can think of is daft punk. and only 2-4 decks doesn't give you as much creativity as 6. when serato makes a plugin for 6 deck mixing (2 deck control, 6 decks can play at a time) then i'll use it more

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