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Mixvibes Cross Pack Digital Vinyl System Review Video (w/Cross 2.0 DJ Software)

Mixvibes Cross Pack Digital Vinyl System Review Video (w/Cross 2.0 DJ Software)is a streaming video to assist you as you learn how to become a disc jockey. With classes, popular tutorials, online videos, ebook articles and also 1 on 1 sessions for people living in or near Vancouver British Columbia
Mixvibes Cross Pack Digital Vinyl System Review Video (w/Cross 2.0 DJ Software)

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The Mixvibes Cross Pack with Cross 2.0 Digital Vinyl System is a low cost, but full-featured alternative to some of the higher priced setups that are currently on the market. The Mixvibes Cross Pack comes complete with everything the DJ needs to allow a DJ’s computer to connect to their mixer and external vinyl Turntables or CD decks. Check out my full HD-Video review of the system inside to see if it’s right for you.

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Mixvibes Cross Pack Digital Vinyl System Review Video (w/Cross 2.0 DJ Software)

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  1. man, i have two turntables and a Allen & heath xone 23c mixer , and i realized that with the Allen & heath xone 23c mixer you get a full mixvibes cross download. the thing is you dont get any vinyl timecode of course. And there is the main problem, ive searched everywhere for just the vinyl and its impossible to find, Mixvibes just doesnt care about it anymore. You can only get the full pack, which for me doesnt make sense. I have the software, the sound card i just need the timecode. Do you have any idea where could i get a pair?

  2. I have 2 Audio-technica at-lp120-usb turntables and Allen & heath xone 23c mixer. in order to play digital viynls from my pc, all I need now is this mixvibes cross pack to get started?

  3. Kareem man, great review and product. I see a networked version and use for virtual worlds. A DJ could spin and the audience could be an entire social network. Great sync to turntables. Will check this out. I must be hiding under a rock.

  4. My man Blaze, what luck huh? I go to pick up the MixVibes DVS & who did it come from? You. Haha! Awesome. You had posted this on Ebay & I bought if off you, wonderful! Now I KNOW it is tried & true & it came quick enough that I can get the free 2.0 upgrade before the end of the year. Excellent. Bro, you should amend your name, like Super Blaze or something. There are like 1000 DJ Blazes' out there. I looked for you online & one dude in Tampa has DJ Blaze's Car Wash & Massage Parlor.

  5. the serato sl1 has 1.1usb as well. the datatransfer required for the soundcard is extremely low, usb2.0 is just a commercial necessity. i personally find my u46mk2 to sound better then my audio 8.
    mixvibes cross also has cuepoints, you have to unfold it in the interface dialog. this shows how little you know about the software you are reviewing.

    the mixvibes system has been the most stabile program that i used, with serato and traktor causing problems and glitches & the timecode is excellent.

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