My First Mobile/Digital/Laptop/PC DJ Setup! :PARTY UPDATE:-

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  1. hello Montel.sv6, thanks for your video, I'm 55 years old and my fiancee past away in January and I said I was gonna use his system but he don't have some of the things that you have and I think yours is easier for me to learn. I just don't know how or where to download the music from and how do I get the internet or wifi service to play at people house that don't have internet. Please help me. Thanks, Sherry

  2. Hey man quick question
    1:how long have you been dj-ing?
    2:what did you do to teach yourself dj-ing
    3:did you pick anything in school that assisted with dj-ing
    4:do you get paid for dj-ing
    5:how did you get noticed e.g. Getting invited to perform at parties?
    Please reply if you want, thanks man appriciate it. 🙂

  3. To be Honest I don't see the point of this board. I am going to get the Denon MC6000 which is only £400 or $300 or something like that. There are many cheaper and better mixers and if you are doing mobile gigs and have pro DJ speakers you are best to find a mixer with XLR out put because its balanced unlike Phono cable and gives you a more professional and better sound quality.

  4. Do not be bothered by these people leaving you bad comments. This is the first edition of Numark Mixx Track,  Just like when I was djj who bought his First Technics and Fist Perverys and such, He was just trying to show you all how to set it up and for those who do not know how to set this up.Some people . I swear.. Yes We are more Creative with our Technics and Yes We where the Generation for all DJ's but this is his Generation now. Give him a Break and I am sure He will save enough to buy better DJ Equipment. I have worked hard to save for my Gear but I see him starting like the rest of Us So You guys need to Think back when you all first started Djjaying. Thank you

  5. listen kid, these haters are just keyboard warriors, ignore them, everyone starts from the bottom and work your way up, unless your digging a hole which would be other way round but anyway. i started with that exact set up, save up tho and get bigger and better. i now run traktor pro 2 with my ddj sx, 2 750watt 15'' speakers, and a huge lighting rig. stick with it and you will see improvement 

  6. hey im using traktor LE with mixtrack and am using my dj io soundcard. For some reason when i try to cue my song the music comes out from both my speakers and headphones. can someone please help me. i have my audio set up as
                                   R 4 
                                  R 2: OUT 2

    master outputs are in ALL CAPS

    as output monitor does not showup i just chose 3 and 4.
    can someone please help!

  7. Dude if you walk in there with those speakers you will be thought of a the biggest joke to djing im 14 and have a way better set up than you. First your computer is absolute junk and dont even get me started about your speakers? i have a numark Mixtrack pro 2 and i have 2 800 watt mtx speakers and 2 400 watt mtx speakers like common man all this only costs like 800 bucks 

  8. Good vid man. Ive had the same controller for 2 yrs now and has never let me down, best first DJ controller. Goes well with Traktor. Great control for beginners/hobbist. Would love to be able to do partys/clubs one day. The funny thing is you can produce the same sound from this like those thousand dollar sets lol. But you know, now days the norm is to rock up to gigs with a $10,000 pioneer nexus set to look like a pro. Let just rock up to a club with a mixtrack pro and laptop 🙂

  9. I feel so sorry for the person that invited u for a gig I mean ure setup is soooooo boring and dull I'm 12 and I have way better equipment like mixtrack pro 12" 500 w speakers and a mic , didn't u think of getting a mc and are u going to dj with those 5 watt computer speakers , I'm not shure the crowd is going to hear the music and try to sort ure wires out neatly I got confused looking at those wires

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