Numark Mixtrack Edge Talkthrough-

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Numark Mixtrack Edge Talkthrough

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Numark Mixtrack Edge Talkthrough

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Numark Mixtrack Edge Talkthrough

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  1. I really like this controller from Numark. I use one and find the build quality excellent especially for a throw in the bag surprise party unit. All the buttons are mounted really tight and are solid and if I am honest this put alot of controllers on the market today to shame. It is a nice weight too and has that road worthy solid feel that many including myself really do prefer. Compare this to the Korg Kaoss controller and you will see the difference. As nice as the Korg is it just has not got build quality and in fact is very much a huge let down considering what the Kaoss has to offer the DJ in respect of sound quality and effects. If Korg applied this build quality to thier DJ controller it really would make alot more sense and drop thos awful touch pad jogs and used something similar to the Edge I do not think I would have sent my unit back, yep not even the Korg effects could keep me over that build quality and non-jogs! I really got into the layer system on the Edge and really did not mind how it worked at all and with practice it becomes a sheer pleasure. If I had my way with Numark I would make a MK2 and improve the effects dials ie maybe use a smaller version of the jog wheels same material and inset like the jogs which are grippy enough as they are. It is a 16 bit system but for those who know it does not matter much at all whether it is 16 bit or 24 only if you need more room for frequency as the actual quality is not affected but saying that I would still bump it up to 24 bit for good measure. Numark could easily put a couple of pitch sliders on the MK2 and maybe add another inch to the width of the unit to do so and it still would hold the ground it has for the most compact unit. Nice one Numark, truly portable, no play at all in the buttons, solid and tight, excellent weight and overall feel and top grade brushed alu faceplate taboot! I do not have any issues with the sliders as some have and complain about a wobble and yes it is there but only if you are leaning but if your not and just push normally/ gently the faders are just fine but gain on a mk2 I dare say they could be improved whilst losing none of the units discretion. Easily worth the money just for the concept alone.

  2. I honestly don't know who stuff like this is for. What's their target market with products like this? Bedroom DJs? Honestly you'd be better off with something like a Korg Microcontrol. Even a mouse offers advantages over this.

    Numark have made some good kit over the years. All this is going to do is leave a bad taste in the mouth of anyone who uses it and make them less likely to use Numark stuff in future. 

  3. Entry level DJ's are really going to struggle on this little gadget, Id say even pro's are going to have a hard time using it, The jog wheels are just too small for any type of precision, It's a shame really, because some of these unit's have some really good features, i don't understand why manufacturers are following the trend of making tiny controllers with tiny jog wheels? I have never heard any DJ say ''yes its a good controller but it needs to be smaller''….   They've got down to a size now where they're unusable.

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