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  1. I'm brazilian I'd like to become a dj. I'm studying alone, using videos like your or another billion founded in youtube, but I feel that I need to go take some classes. I have american visa already and in the next year I want to go to NY take my classes. The problem is being find a homestay, is too much expensive and programs that are 3 months long make it very difficult to me. I'll but I'm looking for a way to.
    I really enjoy watch you supporting you student here. I can't imagine how difficult it was for him. His muscles were visibly tense.

  2. Big shout out to Rob Swift! Great to see you sharing the knowledge. I met you back in the late 90's. I think it was at Fat Beats Amsterdam before an ITF afterparty.
    You guys (X-Ecutioners), the Piklz & Beat Junkies were a great inspiration for the DJ's/turntablists over here (The Netherlands). 


  3. You can prep yourself skills to the maximum but nothing can prepare you for the nervousness you will feel standing in-front of the crowd alone knowing everyone is listening, and at the level he's DJing. nerves will get the best of your wrists and have you thinking you closed the crossfader but damn its still open uhhh etc!!! but yet he handled pressure very well and it's ALWAYS good when to crowd makes noise it helps boost that confidence with in… mad props to Oliver. salute to Rob for the work your putting in… The future is a bright one

  4. why all the shouting, how he fucking ever should understand whats good and whats not? that's way over the top for this performance, even though he dont do it for long, even further! he tries way to much stuff he is not ready for… respect for him none the less! .. still you doing something very wrong

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