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On Deck feat. DJ Dextrous One

On Deck feat. DJ Dextrous Oneis a video to help as you start to learn how to become a DJ. With lessons, amazing tutorials, technical videos, online articles and also 1 on 1 lessons for people living in or near Vancouver British Columbia
On Deck feat. DJ Dextrous One

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This week’s On Deck features Toronto’s own Dextrous One.

After becoming the Guinness Book of World Record’s Youngest Club DJ at age 6, Dextrous One has continued to expand his skills.

Now at the age of ten, he has already played at prestigious events like the PanAm Games, the World Cup of Hockey and on the TV show, Canada’s Smartest Person.

Check out the video he made exclusively for BPM Supreme.

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On Deck feat. DJ Dextrous One

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