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Optimize Your Windows PC for DJing & Music Production Pt. 1

Optimize Your Windows PC for DJing & Music Production Pt. 1is a video to help you start to learn to grow to be a DJ. With ebooks, superb tutorials, on-line movies, e book articles and in addition 1 on 1 classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Optimize Your Windows PC for DJing & Music Production Pt. 1

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Article by DJ Endo the Dubspot weblog –

Native Devices product specialist and Dubspot Teacher Mike Henderson aka DJ Endo dispels a typical fantasy about PC’s and Windows on this article and two-part video tutorial on the right way to optimize your Windows PC for DJing and music manufacturing. Partly one, Endo takes you thru a step-by-step course of on the right way to flip your Windows PC from a mean laptop to a music manufacturing and efficiency machine, providing you optimization ideas from updating your BIOS and downloading updates to choosing ASIO drivers and stopping CPU spikes.

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Optimize Your Windows PC for DJing & Music Production Pt. 1

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  1. Disabling microsoft acpi-compliant control method battery setting turns off battery charging status for me. This is a vital visual tool for me when giging.

  2. This worked good on running my software thank you. The only problem now is that I'm not getting any sound from traktor??? But vdj is working better. How do I fix the sound on vdj

  3. My problem is with the M1 Legacy software. I try to use asio and it's digidesign driver but it shuts down every time, so I seem to be stuck with driver type "direct sound". I'm using windowa 10, 64 bit. Can anyone please help out?

  4. Hello I am djing music on ustream and my audio has a hissing sound and I cannot figure out where it coming from I am using a dx EQ an s-com aduio compressor and the volume is set to the requirements I am using the db audio meter and the hissing sound is there there can you help me with the problem.

  5. That's a spectacular job on this video. Music creation is a very important part of my life and I have always wanted to work as a DJ. I already produced some songs and I am very close to achieve my dream. After countless hours of research I finally found the best program for beat creation for 2014. You can find a link for this music production software on my channel. check it out.

  6. I've got to go and change everything back it slowed my computer to such a crawl Ican hardly type this message I can barely watch the video to return everything back to how it was Live and learn Igues..

  7. But whas even more weird is when i switch to just djing off my computer, i use realtek audio option and plug my headphones in and just dj like that to see if its a software issue. But everythings been fine and Ive had the s4 for about only a year

  8. Ive turned off my wifi, Ive updated all possible driver, and my latency is fine. yet while im running traktor, theres still patches in my audio or one second pauses in the audio. Is this a glitch in the traktor ive downloaded or am i missing something?

  9. The connection can be re-enabled manually in Network Connections or you can just write (and run) another batch file using the same command but substituting enable for disable.

  10. ..important as this instructs Notepad to save the doc as a Batch file rather than a text file. It doesn't matter where you save to as long as you remember the location of the directory. Locate your newly created file and drag it into the Startup folder, which is located in the list of All Programs in the Start Menu. Now everytime you boot up, Windows automatically disables the Wireless Local Area Network connection for.

  11. If you don't think you'll remember to switch off your WiFi before every gig, you can tell Windows to do it automatically every time you boot up by writing a simple BAT file and placing it into the Starup folder. Create a new text document and type the following: netsh interface set interface "Wireless Network Connection" Disable . Then click File>Save As and choose All File Types form the drop down menu. For the file name choose Disable WLAN.bat . The " .bat " bit is super……

  12. When i use Maschine the lil CPU meter that looks like a battery raises red and distorts my sounds quite abit. How can i stop this?

  13. hey wass up dj endo… wen using software serato dj intro and i load a track it slows down or the sound become distorted & crackling. It comes and goes but is happening quite often.

  14. with the speed of laptops in 2013, as a general rule, and *if* you keep your computer running lean and mean,none of these tweaks should be an issue. The performance gains from disabling services, for example, do not outweigh the risks that the average user might disable something vital. Just sayin'.

  15. hii great vid helped me allot but when using the latency checker should u bee running music production programs or should u shut down all apps?? because im a little unsure on using it as my latency mon shows up weird stuff that the numbers keep rising to like 50!!!!? but this is a fresh wiped computer which i dont understand why it does thiss thanks allot!!! JKB UK

  16. Check in your power options for the Recomended settings option ( Default option ) aslong as you have this option you can go back to the original settings if you change anything.

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