Pioneer DDJ-WeGo DJ Controller – Demonstration-

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  1. My husband loved this for a gift. He is totally into hip-hop and so I thought this gift would be perfect for him. I also enjoy tinkering with it. The buttons are secure and don't feel cheesy at all. The price may make it seem as though it would feel cheap, however, the weight and feel of this device is perfect. His friends are impressed and I'm an awesome wife! 🙂

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.toGOXSFS

  2. Hello my name is Noam and I really want such a system but my situation is not something I'm 14 and I do not work then I have no money parents are divorced and I can not ask them to Purchase to me if you can help me with money I'm happy I live in Israel in Ma'ale Adumim have big Brother 16 I would very much like DJ system that I would be happy if you can

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