Pioneer DJ Interface 2 Talkthrough Video-

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Pioneer DJ Interface 2 Talkthrough Video

Pioneer DJ Interface 2 Talkthrough Videois a video to help as you learn to be a DJ. With ebooks, superior tutorials, movies, articles and in addition 1 on 1 personal classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Pioneer DJ Interface 2 Talkthrough Video

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Pioneer DJ Interface 2 Talkthrough Video

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  1. Any interference problems with using the unbalanced outputs on this interface? I thought for sure RCA jacks would be phased out of audio gear by now…

  2. Hi Joey, How do you do man ? I saw your reviews on YouTube and I need your help please, I wasn't a Mobile DJ as they call it now but now I must to become a mobile DJ because i moved to another country and I need to continue my career here and I bought the Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB to check it on and now I need to change it and buy a new controller for home use and outside use also but I don't know which controller to buy really the DDJ-RX with (Rekordbox DJ) or The DDJ-SX2 (Serato DJ)…??
    Can you tell me please with your experiences which one I can buy now !!
    Waiting for your reply..

  3. Hi
    May i ask for a solution? Bought a numark platinum, and it is more than i need for mixing, however ,i want the best audio quaity, and have heard that the numark DA converters are not the best. So, i wonder what if i connect another interface to a free usb port, mix with the numark, and send audio frm vdj to it, where finally take the analog signal for main PA
    In positive answer, which one?

  4. When switching from Dvs vinyl and then playing a normal vinyl does the software have a thru mode button like traktor within the software ready available when playing for quick transition from one format to the other ?

  5. what controller do you think is better to have at home that simulates the cdj workflow so i don`t feel totally lost when i have to play with a club standard set up??

  6. Wonder if you ran 2 of those, and ran 2 decks per unit and ran them into a Y connection, if that would get you 4 channel seeing as you can run 2 on 1 that way

  7. I'm having a problem with my cables

    when I plug in my RB through rca cables to my speakers and I go into the settings to recognize it
    the software says error.

  8. It sure looks amazing, too bad I can't effort new equipment right now. I'll be sticking to my controller for a while then.

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