Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Talkthrough Video-

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Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Talkthrough Video

Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Talkthrough Videois a vid to aid you as you start to discover ways to develop into a disc jockey. With classes, superior tutorials, streaming movies, on-line articles and likewise 1 on 1 personal classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Talkthrough Video

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Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Talkthrough Video

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  1. A very well made and informative video for an aspiring DJ like me who is considering a purchase for a second pro turntable to use with my Technics.

  2. I make beats on a mpc but want to start using decks too. I thinking of getting a set of decks very soon and I am am totally new to DJing. I was thinking the PLX 500 but I heard that if you really want to scratch it would be better to get the PLX 1000. I was wondering if anyone knows if you can use both the 500 and 100 together? And do you know if there will be any sort of "leg" by using different decks? Was thinking of using the 1000 to do all the real scratching and the 500 to keep a beat with minimal scratching. Cheers

  3. Hey guys, I have been djing for around 20 years. I love the Technics 1200mk2. Unfortunately I couldn't find any in good condition to buy. I decided to stick with the PLX-500. I was very disappointed on the first time using it. Then I realized that the original slipmats from Pioneer that came with the turntable sucks big time. I got a pair of butter rugs and the turntable works amazing now!

  4. I don't really understand. If Technics 1200 mk2 has 1.5 kgf·cm torque and this turntable has 1.6kgf·cm – how can it be weak ? By specs the torque is even a bit better than the technics. So shouldn't it be great ???

  5. Wish I saw this review before I spent the money on them. I was so upset using them. I have to sell them now. Thanx for the tip anyway.

  6. please tell me what can i get for this money that suits for a beginner ?
    mostly bedroom playing at loud volumes with loads of low end.

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