Pioneer HDJ-2000 vs Sony MDR-V700dj headphones overview and impressions-

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Pioneer HDJ-2000 vs Sony MDR-V700dj headphones overview and impressions

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Pioneer HDJ-2000 vs Sony MDR-V700dj headphones overview and impressions

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Two of the most well-liked DJ headphones in the marketplace.

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Pioneer HDJ-2000 vs Sony MDR-V700dj headphones overview and impressions

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  1. The hdj and Sony Same Quality all for HiFi only the pioneer Cams with stereo and Mono function the Sony without this technic. Like all . Great Products.??

  2. never buy these Sony headphones… they have serious problem with swivel joints as mentioned below. They literally fell apart by itself. I have them for few months on computer only, no abuse at all and they just fell apart….. waste of money.

  3. I have one of those sony and i dont use it anymore, they are very good in sound, they broken very easy on side. I buy a Tecnics 1210 for 5 years now and i'm very happy with them. They have a great bass and sound quality and cost me in that time 150 euros, but now they are on 110 euros on musicstore or thomann. So i recomend Tecnics instead of the Sony and build with solid quality and sound. Those Pioneer are too expensive, has the same quality as Tecnics but don't have better sound. But thanks for you review my friend it is good to hear other users opinion 😉

  4. Its very hard to listen to you sir 🙁 itsounds like your eating! I really want to hear the information but its sooook annoying

  5. i agree w/ ben the sonys are not the best quality in terms of build.. i owned them for a little over a year and deff got some good use out of them.. like the sound a little heavy on the bass tho. cant speak for the pioneers but every product ive got from them was good. just picked up some audio technica m50x headphones and they blow any other headphones out of the water in there category, very good quality, build, sound, and comfort >  i can ware them for hours and they even pick up slight distortions i haven't heard before in my productions making them very useful for mixing and tracking

  6. I have the Pioneer HDJ 2000 for some time now and I disagree that it has deep bass. It is very acoustic! If you are after bass then go for something like Beatz by Dre or something else. Pioneer is a fantastic headphone for studio work or music editing. However for something that is mainly for everyday listening I say its not going to make you happy. This is just my opinion anyway!

  7. I own the V700 and just got a pair of Pioneer HDJ-2000's. I am totally underwhelmed with the purchase. The sound of the V700's is WAY more intelligible, you can separate every element of a track where the Pioneers sound duller. I'm really surprised that everyone prefers the Pioneers sound-wise. They don't sound superior in my opinion. Maybe the reason for this is that the V700 were originally designed as studio monitors and the HDJ-2000's were aimed at performing DJs.

    If someone that's serious about sound and compared both models could share their honest opinion I would really appreciate it. I'm seriously considering returning these.

  8. Sony headphones suck.  The swivel joints break so easily.  Both sets of Sony headphones I had broke within a few months.  I've had my Pioneer HDJ-2000's for two years now and they're still going strong.  If you have a big head like me the 2000's are the way to go – the swivel joints are metal and they won't break like every other headphone on the market.

  9. Beats studios or pioneer hdj-2000 k

    Haha, what a comparison I mean. Would you prefer a very bad sound held in a plastic make supported by batteries in which is for listening to music (audiophile)

    Or titanium alloy with protein leather and made with the best materials with pure sound and noise canceling specs. (DJ)

    There's so much more to say about pioneer and so much worse to say about beats.

    Beats are a fashion toy used by kids because their favorite celebrity uses them. If dre wasn't the founder. You'd be seeing beats next to the ear buds in dollar general.

  10. They don't even make the Sony MDR v-700 anymore, so that should make your purchase decision real easy! But I will say I loved those headphones! I've had three pairs of them and I always went back for more because the sound quality was just so amazing! I did have problems with the hinge mechanism breaking on the sonys which is why I needed to replace them, but maybe I'm just rougher than the average user. Anyways, will get the pioneer ones soon, they have a great sound as well and they're very comfortable.

  11. Why does he keep saying that Pioneer's headphones have only been around for 5 years? Pioneer have been making headphones sense the 1970's.

  12. Hey Hifi,
    How would you rank Pioneer for a casual audiophile with a taste in Electronica and harmonica. My current headphone is Phillips Philips Fidelio l1. The reason that I am going with closed back cans is that I am a medical school student and I can't use my phillips in the library due to sound leakage.

  13. actually i think they're still under production,
    its unbelievable how great these headphones are…
    under production for over 20 years!
    amazing headphones 😀

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