Serato DJ Tutorial – Smart Sync-

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Serato DJ Tutorial – Smart Sync

Serato DJ Tutorial – Smart Syncis a vid to help you begin studying the right way to DJ. With classes, wonderful tutorials, on-line movies, on-line articles and in addition 1 on 1 classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Serato DJ Tutorial – Smart Sync

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On this video, we’ll clarify Smart Sync in Serato DJ and the right way to use it.

Serato DJ, the latest DJ software program from Serato presents one of the best function set for all-in-one controllers and units a brand new commonplace for controller DJs. With many new options together with wonderful new FX Powered by iZotope, MIDI mapping and a model new person interface, Serato DJ delivers probably the most highly effective all-in-one DJ options.

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Serato DJ Tutorial – Smart Sync

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  1. People hating on sync are basically hating on people who choose to use the technology available to them. You might as well still ride horses instead of driving cars

  2. Killing the art form! may as well get robots up on stage playing the top 10. Kids learn to do it with your ears, this way if your around a friends house party and vinyl is being used you won't look like a total wack ass DJ when it's your turn to spin a record. I've been DJ'ing 20 years and some times at 4am some one asks you to put on a record using there vinyl. They know you spin so they trust you know records and how to mix them. This sync option is deskilling & lazy.

  3. Also this is a terrible tutorial you should literally show us what you're doing with examples don't just do it with random music playing in the background i want a live real demo where u can hear and see what is going on

  4. I use my serato DJ with 2 X CDJ's (not a controller) before anyone says anything I have been mixing for 15 years started on turntables with vinyl so I know the art of mixing. I would prefer to sync now. I don't think it works with cdj's though as it just clangs after a few seconds, am I doing something wrong?

  5. Sync is very good for REMIXING and keeping tracks perfectly togheter for longer time, but SYNC sucks in serato, or may be it is the Pionner ddj sx2 that does not do it correctly. Tracks go out of sync after 5 sec, even when I have all my music warped properly.

    Time to go back to Ableton Live again…..!


  7. Am old school dj started on tt and 45's now am on to digital , my point is instead of hating sync lets teach nubies the art of beatmatching by ear its fun once u get it its like stick shift and automatic car , if u can drive a stick shift car u can drive any car but if u only drive automatic u cant drive all cars but u are still a driver jst not all cars u can drive . jst saying

  8. where is the visible beat grid. is it the yellow and red markers at the top of wave forms or is it incorporated in the transient markers… im confused

  9. One Thing A lot of dj's miss is knowing how to program or read a crowd and you will find that out real quick If your guest don't like what you are playing… Remember It's there Event not yours and for the beat matching sync Cool Now the computer does it for you… Now I want to see creativity! What are the craziest things you can come up with in your Set?

  10. i have collected vinyl for  years and also played and i have been pushed towards digital djing and had to embrace it.not many places have turntables anymore: { .its real sad to know vinyl is on the verge of becoming a thing of the past. : {

  11. Wow and people are still arguing over this. What do you think music producers use to keep their separate tracks together in order to produce a song ? The same thing.  The infamous Tr 808 Drum Machine, Akai MPC, Yamaha DX synth, and The Fairlight sampler all works on this very same technology that some of these fools are complaining about. Whether people like it, or not, The Midi revolution will be televised.

  12. I am using the sx on window 7 using the master volume. My crossfader volume sliders barely work. They only function from the 0 to 1 value. So 2 to 10 value does nothing for the volume. Any clues why?

  13. Hate on the bar, club owners and patrons who don't recognize seasoned dj's over these ready made dj's. Stop hating the tools that make the job easier like auto beat matching.  If you are being under cut by a novis dj it's because these bar owners and club owners only care about the bottom line.  If they can sell just as much alcohol with a mediocre dj playing who only makes a hundred bucks a night they could careless, they're saving money.  It's the times that were living in and it's not going to change from your bitch, moaning and groaning.  It's like Pro tools vs. fruity loops….one has made everybody and their mama think they're producers.  I just do my thang when I dj and I don't worry about the rest. Why? because you can't control it.  If it's ever not fun for me anymore I'll just retire and do something else!  An actual "club dj" mixes anyway….that true to the essence of djing shhh goes out the window when your main job is rock the party.  Stay up on the hottest music and master your mixes and you'll keep working!

  14. yes, but how do you use these functions with TRANSITION songs?!!? like a transition song that goes from 128 bpms to 100 bpms?

  15. Regaring Sync….After 2 decades of DJing I can say this: Beat matching is a waste of 30 seconds and a waste of your hearing. Blowing out your ears with monitors and headphones trying to keep up with all the junk noise off a club's sound system is pointless. And once you can beat match, well…its not like you forget, or get better. You are either in, or your out….

  16. Can someone please explain to me the difference between smart sync and simple sync (snap to beat grid and without)? What do they do differently? I really need a legit detailed explanation-there arent any good ones online

  17. Sync is a safety net, no more, no less. It's my last minute "oh shit" button, especially since I have a radio show and I have to enter all the track info at the same time as I DJ. But smart sync is honestly the worst idea b/c there's quite a few times when the track isn't analyzed properly and the beatgrid and/or bpm is way off and in that case you end up having to beatmatch manually anyway.

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