Serato Scratch Live + M-Audio Trigger Fingers-

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Serato Scratch Live + M-Audio Trigger Fingers

Serato Scratch Live + M-Audio Trigger Fingersis a on-line video to enable you as you learn to DJ. With ebooks, standard tutorials, on-line movies, book articles and in addition 1 on 1 classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Serato Scratch Live + M-Audio Trigger Fingers

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[866-PRO-MIXX] DJ Ty reveals us the best way to management Serato Scratch Live v1.eight with the M-Audio Trigger Fingers MIDI interface.

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Serato Scratch Live + M-Audio Trigger Fingers

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  1. to those who are having issues assigning your TF knobs to the effects try updating to to newest version or serato.. mine seem to work just fine with the effects or anything else

  2. @capacassa i would connect my trigger to my serato, click midi, then i would select the function i wanted to use for the trigger finger, after selecting the function, twist what ever knob you choose, and it should be programmed.

  3. @djdumbbi have tried to assign the knobs from TF on serato? i tried several times, but the 8 knobs they just wont work;(

  4. @warger92 Can you please help to how to assign to 8 knobs, i use a c mac book pro ani i tried to map the knobs to use the FX on dj fx on scratch live, but they wont work. please HELP

  5. question: I use torq and when i play samples on the trigger finger I can't get the sound out even when my music on channels 1 n 2 works perfect I just can't get sound out when using the 16 cell sampler, how do I set it up so it works with my trigger finger? THANKS in advance!!! any tip would be of great help.

  6. yes, the "two arrows with the line" button goes to the next or previous song in your list. You can assign a midi controller to that button.

  7. i would also like to know if it can be used as a sampler. what are the other alternative devices comparable to Trigger Finger? anything with a smaller footprint?

  8. Update to the latest version of serato. Click on the MIDI button on Serato – click a 'button' on serato and then press a pad on the trigger finger. It will auto assign.

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