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high school prom djHigh School Proms are a very big deal to 1000s of students all across North America and increasingly in Europe as well.

Almost all those attending their proms will be taking part in what will probably be their very last high school function.

Teachers, parents and student councils should take the task of selecting the right entertainment for proms, very seriously and understand that not all high school prom DJ’s are the same when it comes to experience djing high school proms, song selection, making sure to censor popular hiphop songs, MC skills tailored for teenagers, and most importantly…not all high school prom DJs play music that high school prom attendees will like.

The RIGHT kind of music for a high school prom dj to play

I always play what kids these days like to dance to since I have been an EDM music producer for the past 5 years and spend most of my days PRODUCING the EXACT kind of music kids these days are consuming.

Let me, djBJoRN and my team of high school prom dance veterans, take care of everything for you from special prom DJ lineups to concert lighting and audio equipment.

Depending on your budget for the prom dance, an arrangement can and will be made since we can offer a bare bones event for the more budget minded high schools or maybe the DELUXE package which comes with everything one could imagine.

DELUXE High School Prom DJ Package includes

  • 2 or3 DJs for the whole event
  • State of the art audio equipment
  • dance floor disco lighting
  • dancing lazer beams
  • smoke machines
  • a photo booth
  • a rapping MC
  • a video wall
  • however many photographers you would like
  • CD copy of the prom DJ set
  • and anything else you can dream up.
What is a high school prom ? What Happens at PromOther School Dances
In the United States, and increasingly in the United Kingdom as well as Canada, a promenade dance, usually called a “prom”, is a semi-formal (black tie) dance or get together of mostly graduating high school students.

This event is almost always held at the end of the senior year (the students last year of high school ever).

Proms are deemed very important in popular culture and are considered to be a major event among most high school students.

High school juniors who are attending the prom often call it a “junior prom” while high-school seniors usually call it the “senior prom”.

In practice, this event may be a combined event of junior/senior dances.

At a prom, a Prom King and Prom Queen may be voted for and then announced.

These are honorary king and queen titles awarded to two students (usually one boy and one girl but not 100% of the time) chosen by election in a, usually, school-wide vote before the day of the prom, and seniors are most commonly awarded these honorary prom titles.

Other students of the school may be honored with the honor of being in a “Prom Court.”

The selection method for a high school Prom Court is almost the same as to that of Homecoming Queen/Princess, King, and Court.

Being included in a Prom Court may be a reflection of a students popularity when they are elected and also takes into consiuderation, their level of participation in many school activities, such as school clubs or school team sports.

The Prom Queen and Prom King are typically given crowns to wear during their prom.

Members of the Prom Court are given grad sashes to wear and they are all photographed together.

The high school prom is probably the biggest social event of a students time spent in high school, but it is definely not the only one.

During the course of a student’s 4 years in high school, they uisually get to experience several of the following :

  • high school graduation dance
  • the winter formal dance
  • the halloween dance
  • the valentines day dance
  • the homecoming dance
  • the spring break dance
  • the welcome back dance
  • and a few more which vary from school to school.

My team and I will provide you with the best, top notch experienced staff and top of the line audio equipment to make this years school prom the one the students will be talking about their first couple of years at college or university.

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