Set Up Test – The DJ Micro System’s PA-

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Set Up Test – The DJ Micro System’s PA

Set Up Test – The DJ Micro System’s PAis a streaming video to help as you begin studying how one can grow to be a DJ. With ebooks, widespread tutorials, technical movies, book articles and in addition 1 on 1 lessons for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Set Up Test – The DJ Micro System’s PA

video description
My first take a look at set-up. How did I do?
Get pleasure from!

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Set Up Test – The DJ Micro System’s PA

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  1. I feel so shit after watching this you see i was badly hospitalized and my muscles deteriorated to nothingness now im back and atleast healthy enough to Dj BUT i recently found out my weakened muscles all over my body means im ultra prone to injury so im basically un-abel to do any Dj-ing especially since my equipment weigh 60-110lbs per speaker before amps and subs etc. But here i see you with one arm showing me its possible and yeah makes me sad cuz id love to dj but my body physically gives up on me heck im getting my first hernia surgery in the upcoming months so yeah

  2. Awesome! Great job! Keep'em dancin' … hope you are using a roll-away cart, with easy fold. You might also consider using an X-stand instead of a large table.

  3. Brian i watch you put this Micro system together in 15mins with 1 arm n a limp jus wanted to say Bra ur made for this aint notin gonna stand in ur way keep up the aswum work that you do Aloha ma man

  4. Brian, great videos and topics. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with this community. Keep up the great work man!

  5. I'm looking to buy new subwoofers but I don't know what to get, I had 2 American audio PXW18P but they're extremely heavy. I'm looking into buying some Altos but I can't decide if I should buy 15 inch or 12 inch. The reason why I'm going with small sizes for the mobility, I'm tired of carrying heavy stuff what size do you guys recommend?

  6. Pretty quick set up. How do you like the RCF speekers? Did you chose them because of the weight, or did sound quality come into play with this set up?
    I have 2 bad shoulders from an accident. I can't lift over my shoulders, so seeing you lift that speeker with one hand was impressive.
    I hope you can recover and get some use back in your arm.
    Keep doin what ya love.
    Great vids.

  7. Being disabled create tough challenges, I'm disabled myself, and I just starting getting my equipment… Got my 2 rockville powered speakers and stands… Watching your videos gives me motivation… Thanks… We need a video with step by step instructions on how to connect everything…

  8. Any chance of a written description of the equipment? I've watched both videos but haven't been able to catch what everything is.

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