Stanton Str8 150 Scratch Turntables with DJ Tutor-

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Stanton Str8 150 Scratch Turntables with DJ Tutor

Stanton Str8 150 Scratch Turntables with DJ Tutoris a tutorial video to help you learn to be a disc jockey. With ebooks, superb tutorials, streaming movies, on-line articles and likewise 1 on 1 classes for individuals residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Stanton Str8 150 Scratch Turntables with DJ Tutor

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DJ Tutor visits and takes a take a look at the Stanton Str8.150 turntables.


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Stanton Str8 150 Scratch Turntables with DJ Tutor

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  1. Thought you not suposed to toe in the nesdle/cartridge slight angle, as its suposed to be records at cut that way? so much confusion sometime, any answers??? thanks

  2. How should the needle arm and weight be set for just playing records? Have a straight arm. Picked up at a used store. Very nice turntable. Thanks

  3. Worth mentioning that you can also set up the S-shaped arm to behave like a straight arm by doing the opposite with the cartridge (angling it so it lines up with the pivot on the tone arm). It does mean you can't use the Ortofon Concorde range though, which limits your options a bit.

  4. I have a stanton str8 30. Some of my records sound rough with straight arm I've tried everything inc offsetting my needle. I may hay to go back to belt j agape. Boo hoo. Any ideas to help will be welcome.thanks

  5. i have technics but i had the first versions of these with a straight tone arm it would play the mostwarped and messed up records i had no problem the last and the latest versions of this deck are great pity i ve got decks everywhere i would have these as well

  6. Ive used both and in my opinion they are more or less the same. These just happen to have some more features, as well as the straight arm.

  7. Can you explain what the angle is useful for? b/c no matter the style of arm, the angle of the system towards the vinyl track is obviously different from when you're way out on the disc, vs when the needle is on the far inside of the record. Logically setting this up in a certain way is only useful if you know that the majority of the things you play are in e.g. beginning. So it wears out this part slower but also wears out the other parts faster, b/c the needle is not aligned with the track

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