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A collection of djBJoRN live dj sets from his past performances .

This is loosely categorized collection, so if you are listening to these before hiring djBJoRN and his team, keep in mind that ALL our disc jockeys are very versatile and have been professionally trained to play ANY genre of music that you want.

Click on the “+” symbol next to each title to display that category only.

Retro Electro

dj BJoRN Retro Electro Live DJ Sets

New Years 2018 Retro Electro DJ Set

Vancouver Full Moon Warm Up Set Retro Electro

Retro Electro Set Blending 70’s, 80’s and 90’s in Whistler

Retro Electro mixes of Popular Songs

Bass DJ Sets

dj BJoRN Bass Heavy Live DJ Sets

Vancouver Full Moon Bass 1

dj BJoRN House Party Bass Heads

dj BJoRN House Party Bass Heads Radio Show

G House

dj BJoRN G House Dj Sets

Gangsta House Groove 2

Gangsta House Groove 1

dj BJoRN Bass House Room Shakers

Still wanting to listen to some more of Vancouver’s dj BJoRN ? You can find him on other social media and music sites. Here are a few links :

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