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Want to learn how to become a full time dj or part time disc jockey ? Take some 1 on 1 dj lessons from Vancouver’s djBJoRN. With over a decade of dj experience performing at various Vancouver events .

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Learn how to become any kind of dj. Wedding dj, corporate event dj, nightclub dj, lounge dj, house party dj if there was an event that needed a professional disc jockey ….djBJoRN has played it.

Obviously the disc jockey skills required to become a wedding dj are very different than for someone wanting to become a nightclub dj. djBJoRN will explore all the options available to you then create a dj lesson plan custom made for you to maximize the dj skills you will develop while attending his lessons.

Simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible so we may discuss your future Vancouver disc jockey career.

Even if you are not a complete beginner in the world of DJing, Our courses have something new and exciting for every kind of disc jockey and at all different skill levels.

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Learn everything you will need to know to start looking for paying disc jockey gigs in Vancouver. Learn things like:
– Beats per Minute and what it means
– The MANY different genres of music to choose from and what goes well together
– The different components of a disc jockey equipment rig
– Where to find the most affordable dj equipment in Vancouver
– What kinds of gigs you should be ssetting your sights on
– and much much more
Even with a little knowledge and experience a DJs learning is never done. In our intermediate lessons, established djs will learn:
– how to perfect their beatmatching
– How to mix their music in key
– How to select what music to mix with what
– How to explore with different musical genres
– How to collaborate with other Vancouver disc jockeys
and more
Sometimes as a veteran Vancouver DJ, you may feel like there is nothing new you could learn. Don’t be a victim of that kind of thinking. As a veteran you may still need to learn :
– how to find collaboration opportunities in Vancouver
– how to release a record under a lable
– how to build your own dj website
– how to aquire new fans of your djing
and more

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