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The Resonance Collective – New Westminster Artist Collective

resonance collectiveThe Resonance Collective

I recently became a part of a great group of local artists here in New Westminster and we recently became known as The Resonance Collective. Feel free to check out our website for more info >>> The Resonance Collective

I have had a chance to DJ for them on a few occasions and consider myself very blessed to have found some like minded individuals from my new community to share my passion of music with.

Sober Dance DJing

I have DJed a few Narcotics Anonymous events and those are truly the testers of DJs these…

You would be surprised at how difficult it can be to get a room full of 100% sober people to dance simply because the music is good. So I made sure i played my very heart out and ….. it worked.

I look forward to doing many more events with this great group of talented individuals and will continue keeping you all updated on our latest events and shows.

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