This gadget lets you scratch and DJ on vinyl without a needle-

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Become a better DJ-Searched Words


  1. Update Thursday, February 15th 12PM ET: This video was originally published on Saturday, February 10th, but has been updated with new aspect ratio and additional footage.

  2. what would this do that a simple encoder each even a smartphone app cant do? there is no reason why you can either use specific hardware or custom software to solve the nonissue, this product is complete garbage

  3. I am lost on the point of this product. Because it sounds like that all its doing is creating the scratch sound effect, judging the intensity by using an accelerator sensor.

    Why wouldn't you just buy a turn table that does that? If you aren't using the turn table for reading music from the record, then why have the turn table at all? Feels like a product that isn't necessary

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