Tips for the NEW, Young DJ on how to get your first Mobile Gigs-

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  1. I'm 13 years old and I have followed every step in this amazing video and have got a small business DJing, I have also collected all my equipment from every birthday/Christmas. I now have a pioneer DDJ-SX and an Alto ZMX 862 6 channel mixer? Could you please check my page out on Facebook called JJR Entertainment (The one with 60 odd likes) and tell me anything you would change so I can become a better DJ like you +ellaskins. Great video by the way ?

  2. I used Vista Print to make my DJ Business cards, and they definitely turned out really well. Thanks for sharing this video, and I hope to do more gigs in the future.

  3. Thank you so much man! My friend and I DJ and this is an absolute brilliant way to start doing gigs. We're teenagers and our dream is to be noticed by our work and music. You cracked me up throughout this whole video. Thanks again so so much!!

  4. Did my first sweet 16 for 100 all night. I now charge $100.00 an hour, and i'm 15. Make sure you practice! set a good impression!

  5. Jonathon can you do a video on how to get idj3 set correctly as in leads and amp and speakers but also head phone cause I have just bought it and I want to listen to the next track that I want to mix in in the head phones only while the other side is playing to what would be the crowd

  6. I didnt even try to get a gig. I just placed an ad on craigslist. And got a call the next day!
    Im not trying to brag, but its not hard to get a gig. Just simply have your equipment and confidence that you can do it. Without faith in yourself, it wont work!

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