Traktor DJ – Essential Mixing Tutorial | Native Devices-

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  1. Seeing as how this does everything for me, all I need is have someone else to push buttons and I won't have to do anything but look like a tool on stage….BUT then I can get someone else to stand on stage and look like a tool for me! Then I can crowdsurf and mac on the ladies by telling them what a great dj I am! Score!

  2. I've bought it for iPad2 – it kicks a**!!! Outstanding software, mixes perfectly, without any single delay with all effects turned on! Amazing software! You have full support from me!

  3. 'try to blend tracks within the same genre – it will lead to immediate satisfaction' Really? Because we are so starved of the SAME OLD CRAP THAT EVERYONE ALREADY did 1000times BEFORE YOU..

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