Traktor DJ Tutorial: Traktor for Novices Half 1-

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  1. Hey people a little tip , if you want rip an MP3 from YouTube for say a sample (please just buy actual music but for stuff you cant buy ripping is ok) DONT DO IT !!! you will get a very poor bit rate by doing this what you need to do is use your mobile phone and plug it into your mixer and record it using Trakor recorder , it will give you a bit rate of 1411kbps which is AIFF quality vs the 256 kbps bit rate you will get from downloading using a converter plus you can use the mixer controls if you need to . a standard mp3 is 320 kbps which is fine but if your buying your tunes and can afford to pay the extra for WAV or AIFF which have the same properties but AIFF contains extra information regarding the track and the sound quality of your mixes will stand out from other people if they are ripping all their music which in turn makes you sound better than them which will result on you getting more gigs , so remember buy your tunes but if you cant find something on download or its some crazy video off YouTube you want to sample then DON'T rip and convert , record it !!!

  2. Can someone please tell me how I can use this mixer and have the video watchable live at the same time? I've seen someone show this video view on Periscope while they mix and I don't know how to do it. Not sure what to search for on YouTube. Hope you understand what I mean. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello.Thank you for this tutorial.
    I have a question about using external drive.
    I have two computers one of them is a desktop and the other is my djing laptop.
    Can I prepare my music on desktop using external drive and then take the drive to my laptop.
    I've been working this way for a while using Rekordbox DJ but now that I'm switching
    to Traktor the question is:
    Will the database move with the external drive or i will have to do everything twice.
    Hope my question make sense 🙂
    Thank you in advance.

  4. Pls help me out with one thing which is If i have already cued all the songs or my playlist, and if i m shifting from windows to mac or if i m formatting my pc. Then do I need to cue the same songs or playlist again, which i cued earlier?? Or else Traktor automatically saves my cue points permanently?

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