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Turntable Setup

Turntable Setupis a tutorial video to assist as you start to discover ways to grasp the talents to grow to be a DJ. With courses, comeplete tutorials, movies, on-line articles and likewise 1 on 1 classes for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Turntable Setup

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Study completely different methods and methods to establishing your turntables earlier than a present. Dj Qbert gives recommendation and steering on correct turntable setup. To study extra, enroll on the Qbert Skratch College.

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Turntable Setup

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  1. Why is the needle important? What's the difference in one to another? What do they do besides the obvious? Thanks!

  2. Hi Qbert!! wow , awesome scratcher tips. could you please answer my question ? for my scratches I have an sony turntable belt drive ? " anything can be an instrument " I did put sleeve under my slipmatt for that expert glide. I listened and put my weight heavy side forth ahead. control contact lubricant , Im take some shots into fader opening . put pin onto fader condom . thanks for reply comment in advance your my top ten for scratch legends grand masters. there you go.

  3. i was djing once and the bouncer came up and said  "right that's it, no more music" and he took the cartridges off the arms and walked off. i took the head phones out of the in and plugged them into the mic jack and started beat boxing, the bouncer came running back looking baffled.

    DJ – 1
    bouncer – 0

  4. i remember cutting up grocery bags and sewing mousepads together to make slipmats and butterrugs.  For some reason america online back in the day gave us a new mousepad every month.

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