Turntable Tutorial 10 – TWO CLICK FLARE ORBIT (Mixer Scratch Approach)- djBJoRN.com

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Turntable Tutorial 10 – TWO CLICK FLARE ORBIT (Mixer Scratch Approach)

Turntable Tutorial 10 – TWO CLICK FLARE ORBIT (Mixer Scratch Approach)is a on-line video to assist as you begin studying methods to grasp the talents to change into a DJ. With classes, standard tutorials, movies, articles and in addition 1 on 1 courses for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Turntable Tutorial 10 – TWO CLICK FLARE ORBIT (Mixer Scratch Approach)

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This tutorial explains methods to carry out the two Click on Flare (Orbit) scratch approach utilizing the crossfader. I hope you discover this video informative and entertaining, and I welcome any suggestions.

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Turntable Tutorial 10 – TWO CLICK FLARE ORBIT (Mixer Scratch Approach)

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  1. Thank you for your efforts brother they have given me great help.Your math is simple and effective may ALLAH bless u …….Thankyou asa.

  2. Hey there Angelo. Big fan. Love your videos. They have been very informative in fact i have basically picked up all basic scratch skills thanks to you.

    I have a question about the 2 click orbit. It's hard for me to tell in this video but it looks to me like you are you using a single finger for this movement. Would it not about easier to use 2 fingers and use them like a crab movement??


  3. Yeah, he's better than any tutorial dj on you tube.. QSU is very hard 2 learn.. Dj Angelo makes it look so easy, but I still can't do it.. Oh well bacq 2 tha tables.. aka Blaze

  4. the 2 click orbit is similar to the 3 step transition but with faders open in the between the direction changes of the record 🙂

  5. Hola folks! A quick question on 2 click flares….I cannot for the life of me execute them well..the stab between clicking sound off and opening fader never comes out right ..I can do 3 click flares/open crabs OK but just can't get the 2 click right. Anyone encounter similar problems while learning and/or got any tips?! Someone told me that learning transformers before flares might be the prob…Thanks!!

  6. each time i watch these vids i improve noticeably and i thank you for that. I have got to know something tho, @8:37-8:42…good god what was that?! that pattern is INSANE and i have been tryin to figure it out for some time now lol i don't even want to copy it, i just need to know what that is. too dope man, you are too dope.

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