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Turntable Tutorial 8 – CHIRP (Mixer Scratch Approach)

Turntable Tutorial 8 – CHIRP (Mixer Scratch Approach)is a vid to help you as you begin to discover ways to DJ. With courses, common tutorials, technical movies, articles and in addition 1 on 1 classroom classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Turntable Tutorial 8 – CHIRP (Mixer Scratch Approach)

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This tutorial explains the best way to carry out the Chirp scratch method utilizing the crossfader.

I hope you discover this video informative and entertaining, and I welcome any suggestions.

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Turntable Tutorial 8 – CHIRP (Mixer Scratch Approach)

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  1. I don't get it, When I do this the sound is the same like baby scratch. It's not that sharp cut like here. I have the fader seting correct.

  2. I have been trying to get this scratch right for a while, gave up after a few days, after watching this I was able to do a pattern in an hour, your the man! Thank you!

  3. I get used to Close to open (forward) open to close (backward) opposite direction of yours 🙁 Im getting realy hard time to switch it ? what should I do?

  4. On My Controller It doesn 't work I mean I have it in vionyl mode and I am Doing It I have Pioneer DDJ-SB and it doesn 't Hear Good It 's Like A Dog Crying hahahahahahhahahahahaa what 's wrong

  5. Nuh no worry bout your mistake… The real deal of videos are scratching not locations..me are from Colombia.. Yours tutorials are better than qbert's, and the camera up to the decks are the Best. A hug 2 u man..!

  6. Greatest tutorial scratching playlist available on YouTube. Mad respect to you man. Thanks to your detailed tutorials I'm improving on my skills, even if slowly. 

  7. Is your fader hand resting on the mixer? I have increased speed and accuracy when I do this but I want to make sure its not going to impede me later. Please answer my question Dj Angelo. Thank you.

  8. I found your video helpful and I have been messing around changing to my cross fader to hampster, but I am wondering if the fact that I am using a NS6 controller and not vinyl like you will make a difference.  Can you DJ Angelo do this on a controller as well????

  9. YO dude, what is that beat you used at the end?? Awesome tutorial tho, i really digged it, it taught me alot. This is the foundation of scratching. Props to you Angelo, peace.

  10. I have been at it for awhile now. funny how it seems like such an easy scratch but its not. You have to be a millisecond off and it doesn't sound close at all.

    I am almost getting it but kinda need like a warm up. Biggest issue I find is that my decks are on short table and I tire out fast.

  11. Angelo. I find that my fader on my mixer has a 2mm dead spot before the sound cuts in. I am having a very tough time with chirps and I am practicing away. i wonder if that cut off is not sharp enough for me to perform this technique?

    for example when I move my fader just a hair (2mm) the sound is faint coming in not full . is this a bit of a road block?

  12. It takes a long time to get them on lock, as well as achieve the high(er) pitched sound. Like DJ Angelo said, do 'em slowwwwww for awhile, if not longer, it makes a serious difference. I tried to go fast when I learned them, but I never got them down until I went mad slow for awhile. Slow funked up chirps sound dope though and build serious control. Good luck.

  13. Best chirp tut I've seen. I've had this cut on lock, 'cause I do 'em all the time, and that being said, you explained and demonstrated it perfectly. Gave me some pattern ideas, too. Peace.

  14. any new beginner scratchers havina hard time learning this .. i cant get to sound as good as angelooo its soo frustrating sometimes.. i wanna quite but i kno that not the right thing to do.

  15. its aahhh, as in aaahhhh this sound is so freshhh, the one everyone now a day use….. it comes in the dj q berts vinyl
    hope it helps

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