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Tutorial, How to Mix Funk, soul, disco, Video 1, FUNK!

Tutorial, How to Mix Funk, soul, disco, Video 1, FUNK!is a brief video to aid you as you begin studying how to grow to be a DJ. With ebooks, superb tutorials, on-line movies, on-line articles and likewise 1 on 1 classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Tutorial, How to Mix Funk, soul, disco, Video 1, FUNK!

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toons are 1, The meaters” simply kissed my child”, 2, Brass building ” Movin”, three, The Fatback band ” Goin to see my child”, 4, The crusaders ” Stopm & Buck dance”

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Tutorial, How to Mix Funk, soul, disco, Video 1, FUNK!

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  1. This helped a lot, Im djing at my dads wedding In may and I'm doing a 70s mix, thelma Houston, Gwen macrea, the trammps etc. I was wondering if you could do a mix with them kinda tracks. Would be a big help if you could do a mix or tutorial! Thanks man

  2. I'm just starting out in DJing in London- playing 70's-80's (so these videos are frigging amazing, not a fan of house, EDM etc)… when you tap the cue button and it plays a quick beat, how are you achieving that? I'm using Numark DDJ MixTrack Pro 2, which has all the same stuff just a bit more basic, cheers x

  3. Hah! Just rediscovered this channel. I used to watch your videos in '07 when I was a teenager and getting my first decks.

  4. Salute !! you speak very well about the difference between old school & nowaday's release, 70's drummer & musicians were talented but indeed, there are human 😉 peace

  5. In post-disco, and early 80's and even 90's house, the tempo often fluctuates a lot too, even though it uses drum machines due to the analogue equipment used.

  6. I love this guys videos – hopefully one day through enough practice and enjoyment i will one day get to play outside of my bedroom!

  7. @MedicMind91 nah dood, if you check out old school bboy dj's and shit like that, they don't plan, they just know their toons really well

  8. its true, you have to have a real feel for the music. Knowing the keys, tempo, lyrical themes, tones etc are essential in mixing this type of music. Mr Scruff is a master at this sorta thing.

  9. Do you just mix straight through or have u been able to pull enough vocal, bass, and percussive sections to do fully live mixes? I would love to get to that point, but for me and most disco house DJs, we are pretty limited to cutting straight. I'd love to be able to do full live recreations like minimal and DnB DJs can do, but its near impossible to find isolated vocals and bass sections in disco tracks.

  10. you are so right. i have been playing house music for years in chicago. it is hard to blend disco and soul you have to really study the music. tracks are very easy to me.

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