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The Newest Vancouver DJ School – 1 on 1 DJ Lessons or Group DJ Classes

The Newest Vancouver DJ School

Vancouver dj schoolThe newest Vancouver DJ School has opened it’s doors and has become a huge success in under 4 months.

What started off as simple virtual DJ tutorials I used to post on the internet on various dj resources blogs and sites has become pretty much a full time job.

I spend my days teaching people how to become a techno DJ, a Dubstep DJ, a Trap DJ and even how to become a wedding DJ !

Most of my students have all the necessary equipment, hardware and audio equipment to start learning how to become a DJ for a living. However, I spend a lot of time as a DJ consultant. I help my School4DJs students pick their DJ laptop, DJ controller and audio output equipment.

DJ Equipment for New Vancouver DJ Students

Audio output for a DJ setup can be anything that will play music. You could start being a DJ for money with just a home stereo system ! The very least a DJ will need is 2 powered DJ speakers. I have even seen some new DJs use computer speakers ! lol

I used to offer lessons to help new Vancouver DJs learn to dj with virtual DJ, but that was over 10 years ago !

Since then I have completely changed over to the industry standard, which today is Serato DJ along with some kind of Pioneer DJ equipment. I personally use a Pioneer DDJ-SR, which I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Yes, Serato is the way to go if you do want to one day DJ as a job or career, but if it’s just to fool around with, Virtual DJ would be better suited for you. This is because learning how to DJ with virtual dj is really easy to pick up and of course it’s FREE !

I Also Teach Kids How To DJ

Since I started offering dj lessons for kids, half my students are under 18.

Even though they are so young…wow, do they ever learn fast.

To get my students prepared for my humour, I make them laugh within 10 minutes of meeting them.

I try to make a point of saying to new DJ students on their very first DJ lesson.:

“I will teach you everything I know as fast as you can absorb it, on ONE condition… You promise to remember me when you are a rich and famous world DJ”

Of course, this makes them laugh like crazy. It helps break the tension caused by meeting someone for the first time.

If you or someone you know wants to learn to DJ, give us a call. We also teach current DJs how to be BETTER djs.

Go to our DJ school website known as School4DJs to find out more. Learn more about being a professional DJ for a living.



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