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Welcome To Serato DJ Intro

Welcome To Serato DJ Introis a on-line video to enable you as you start to learn to be a disc jockey. With ebooks, comeplete tutorials, technical movies, articles and likewise 1 on 1 classes for individuals residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Welcome To Serato DJ Intro

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Welcome to Serato DJ Intro.
Check out what you get together with your Serato DJ Intro controller, learn to join it up and what you feel like you need to do to start out DJing.


‘Some Velvet Night’

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Welcome To Serato DJ Intro

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  1. ive installed serato dj intro onto my pc, got all my tunes anaylised but it keeps saying hardware disconected. ive tried rebooting reinstalling, unplugging the usb ect. still no luck, can anyone help me. was working last night on my mates laptop

  2. I have downloaded the software onto my MacBook air and plugged it into my unmark mix track pro 2 and it still says on the programme that there is no hardware connected. What do i do?

  3. i installed the software serato dj intro on to my mac but when i plugged the controller it doesnt support my controller is ddj sb2

  4. on my ddjsb2, the serato dj intro the comes with it has been skipping and freezing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and I'm still having the same problems, please help…

  5. salut j'ai un petit problème j'ai acheter le contrôleur DDJ-SB2 J'ai tous installer comme c'était marquer mais quand je vais sur serato j'ai qu'une seule voies qui marche (gauche) .. Aussi quand je met la musique les fader ne marches pas je suis obliger d'attendre que la musique ce termine pour en mettre une autre du coup es ce que quelqu'un si connais et pourrais m'expliquer s'il vous plaît. merci ?

  6. I have been looking for a cracked version of this software everywhere. Can you guys help me? unfortunately I cant afford to buy it…not now..Please suggest me a safe& trusted website without surveys.

  7. My Serato Intro is not recognising my controller (Numark Pro) Just keeps flashing saying Hardware Disconnected. How do I fix this please?????

  8. I have a mixtrack pro 3 and dj intro but when ever I try to drag files it doesn't work and my faders don't affect the volume at all please help

  9. I got the SL1 box but I just got a Windows 10 laptop. I've downloaded SL1 on my PC but when I connect to USB it's not reading it. Is there any Drivers available? What should I do?

  10. i already install it and i already played some music with my controller ddj sb2 but i have a problem in the first time that i test its good but 2 days after its already lag can you help me to fix my problem ?

  11. hay I just went straight into serato dj ( not intro) and hooked up ddj-sx 2 to windows 10 laptop without hooking it up to my amplifier, there's no digital decks on screen and won't let me drag music into crates , have you got to use intro 1st, I don't want to loose 1.9.3 as it's latest version, I will try again when I'm home, and hook up to my amplifier(speakers) any help would be appreciated,

  12. i dont have a controller, i have a mixer pioneer djm4000, macbook el capitan and 2 turntables. do i have to buy a sound card?. any help?. thx!.

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